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O nas:

We don't work sloppily, because we care about the highest quality of our products.
We don't fluff deadlines, because we care about your goals.
We don't do everything, we're really good at what we specialise in.
We don't know everything, but we keep searching and getting smarter.
We never let application alone, we develop all.
Your satisfaction comes from good results and good results require our work.
We like to meet, talk and explain.
We're not offline.
We take calls
respond to emails.
We work creatively.
We design.
We communicate.
We act.

Mateusz ceo/strategy
Gabi art & design / project manager
Łuki Design and web
Nastia Design and web
Piotr business developer
Joanna community manager
Bartosz new business
Ewa project manager
Asia coach / project manager
Ania fotograf
Bartek systems admin
Łukasz senior backend developer
Iza junior community specialist

25W Technology

Why 25wat? First of all, it's worth asking about and we like talking. The human brain, when challenged with intensive, creative tasks, generates enough energy to power a light bulb. It's exactly 25wat.

What we can do for you?

Design –appropriate communication design, mission, vision and culture of organisation, visual identity (logo, key visual, coherent and consisten brand image, advertisement and advertising campaign.

Webdesign – designing websites, native and hybrid applications, website structure and architecture, UX, optimization, content managment.

sociam media – optimization and constant animation of interactions in social media.

Why communication design?

Marketing, advertising or PR left alone are not enough to support sales. Complex communication design not only has a positive effect on sales, but also makes the product tailor-made for the target group. It creates a lifestyle in which the recipient wants to be found. Do you want to create a strong brand, an unique branding that will be recognized by your customers? We will help you to design communication and solve all your problems.

The creative process

If a process is a journey, then creativity opens our eyes to the view. Creation is discovering new things. It's a natural uniqueness. A good idea doesn't come from nothing - it is supported by a series of planned actions, and we just see the results.

Brief kreatywny

what is it for us?

The Brief is a series of questions that allows us to precisely define the frames of the project – from the smallest details such as the target group or the medium used, to the big idea, the mission, and even the future. We design every creative brief with the client in mind – the very core, though, is the essence of communication design. We know the right questions to ask.


it all starts here

The analysis is the foundation of every project and it touches every aspect of it. The analysis of the current state allows us to inspect things from outside the system and find potential problems to deal with. The analysis of our competition, on the other hand, gives us clues on how to stand out from the crowd of mediocrity. From the analysis comes knowledge that helps us gain the advantage.


there are many ways leading to the same goal

The key to success is skillful combination of theory and practice. Prototypes allow us to determine how the solutions we invented tackle the real challenge. The prototype is the solution to the problem we face.

Implementacja i ewaluacja

the road does not stop once you reach the top

The creative proces is not linear. It is more like a circle – every completed goal needs constant attention and evaluation to face the market trends and partners’ expectations, as well as rapidly developing technological advancements. We monitor and care for our solutions to always keep you at least three steps ahead. .

See, what problems have we already solved