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How we work

  • Project manager
  • communication design
  • creation
  • IT
  • client


This is where we meet. Here we get to know our future tasks. We can also analyze the competition of your brand and propose some changes.


We like to talk. We meet with our clients and listen to them carefully. Finding out aims and problems of your brand is very important for us.


Brief helps us to organize the information from our meeting. We create a list of questions about your brand and company. As a result, we get accurate information. Then, designing process accelerate.


We know how to read between the lines, while analyzing your brief, we look precisely at your competition and the type of your business. Our goal is to get to know and understand the environment of the project we're working on.

Communication design

We change the conclusions from the analysis to the concepts on which we will work. Creative work requires time and attention. We confess simple philosophy: precision, precision, precision.


We develop for you new ideas, insight and creative lines. We show you all of the concepts and describe them. Together we will ensure that new ideas are proper to your needs and satisfy all of the project assumptions.

Graphic design

We are looking for the most adequate aesthetics for clear and legible message. Within process of communication design we create all the things people have contact with: corporate identity, product design, corporate materials, advertising, web design.


Solutions developed by us begin to live. We enforce media campaign plan, implement and test an application or a web page, release a new line of products.


We never leave our clients with projects alone. We always develop them. We check if everything works just fine, and if you have any questions we are always available for you.
Oddanie projektu develop
idea implementation Evaluation

Nasze działania nie kończa się na oddaniu gotowego projektu. Później w każdej chwili możemy wspólnie stworzyć nową ideę, wdrożyć ją i ewaluować. I tak bez końca :)