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Polityka prywatności serwisu


Contact policy and General rules
1. 25wat is a creative agency that implements communication and brand image design, webdesign, social media, and advertising and marketing.
2. 25wat is a brand belonging to 25WAT sp. Z oo, ul. Ząbkowicka 55; 50-511, Wrocław; Tax Identification Number: 8992843182; Code: 369879064; entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court for Wrocław-Krzyki in Wrocław, KRS no .: 0000725465, e-mail: [email protected]
3. User – an entity that has expressed interest in services provided by 25wat or 25wat;
4. In order for persons authorized by 25wat to be able to prepare an offer for an interested entity for the implementation of services, we need to contact the User for the given Website / Application.
5. Therefore, in the application form, please provide the email address and voluntarily given data of the User, to which a message will be sent with a request for further direct contact.
6. The provided e-mail address and other contact details will be used only to contact with the services of 25wat and its subsidiary: Tytani24 sp. Z o. O.
7. Contact details are not and will never be shared with other persons and third parties.
8. 25wat will notify the User about the intention to change the Rules at least 7 days in advance, via a message sent to the User’s e-mail address. The User’s objection to the proposed changes is tantamount to their acceptance. The user has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect before the proposed effective date. If the User objects to the proposed changes, but does not terminate the contract, it expires on the day preceding the entry into force of the proposed changes.
9. 25wat communicate with the User in Polish and English, via e-mail, and by phone.
10. The User, by sending us his email address or other contact details, accepts all of the above points and agrees to contact 25wat representatives with the User.

Cookie policy
1. The 25wat site – like almost all other websites – uses cookies to provide better services.
2. The website user remains anonymous until the moment he decides to disclose.
3. For statistical purposes, the 25wat site is integrated with the statistical mechanisms of Google Analytics and Smartlook.
4. For statistical purposes, 25wat uses cookies provided by Google AdWords, SmartLook and Facebook.
5. If you intend to use the solutions provided by Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you are probably the user of these services – they also leave their cookies, so read about their privacy policy.
Cookies also allow you to store information about your session.
You can specify the conditions for storing or accessing cookies in your browser – detailed information can be found, among others in its instructions (help file) or the «settings» tab.
Cookies do not change the configuration of your device.
6. Information on the privacy policy of external suppliers:
Google –
Facebook –
Smartlook –
7. More about cookie files you can read, among others at: