Our values

Our values

  • #Creativity
  • #Tech oriented
  • #Quality
  • #Know-how
  • #Reliability
  • #Agile workflow
  • #Personal development
  • #Problem solving
  • #Responsibility
  • #Positive emotions

We are 25wat.

Our mission is to support startups, scale-ups and modern companies that want to change the world. Our organization consists of a team of 27 specialists. We've brought to life more than 200 projects for companies in dozens of markets around the world. Our designers have provided solutions for +50 industries.

Our goal is to solve problems and create effective win-win communication through which our clients achieve their goals when we deliver engaging content to their audiences. Why 25wat? Because it's worth asking, and we like to talk. During intense creative work, human brain produces exactly as much power as a 25wat lightbulb needs.

Gabi Czesak

Business Partner | CGO

Grzegorz Zięba

Business Partner | CCO

Agnieszka Sito

Managing Director

Łukasz Lasek

Head of Product Design

Jan Duraziński

Growth Manager

Aneta Mackiewicz-Żurakowska

Back Office Manager

Joanna Gawinek


Mateusz Romanów


Joanna Gancarczyk

Senior Growth Consultant

Klaudia Widz

Product Designer

Krzysztof Baraniecki

Web Development

Aleksander Kubica

Performance Manager

Wiesia Strzymińska-Poprawa

Creative Copywriter

Marcin Świątkowski

Google Ads Expert

Gracjan Majchrzak

Product Designer

Patryk Sowa

Product Designer

Eryk Klekot

Product Designer

Bartek Jankowski

Product Designer

Klaudia Krychowska

Office Assistant

Joanna Ziemian

Marketing Specialist

Szymon Kucharski

Product Designer

Our own projects


At Design Allies, we're more than a product design team. Located in the historic city of Wrocław, Poland, we're a forward-thinking collective, deeply committed to reshaping the digital sphere. Our raison d'etre is transforming services and refining processes that amplify your business productivity. As we digitize, we're not merely shifting gears, we're enhancing the way we live and work.

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ARBUZZ is a mobile platform designed for communication using Augmented Reality. It is a bridge between the real and digital world. Through ARBUZZ, we can embed any multimedia content on triggers to give people an unforgettable experience. Interacting with Augmented Reality lets you experience something amazing in places we know and with things that surround us every day. The platform and application is currently under reconstruction.

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