Why does your company need a UX website audit?

Today, the effect on sales depends largely on what website you have. What’s more, it is not only about its strictly commercial utility, and only if you achieve your goal thanks to it. Is your ...

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Google Ads – what is it, and why should you use it?

Your business doesn’t exist if it’s not listed in Google – there is quite a lot of truth in this statement. Especially if you invest time and money in a website or e‑shop and if you want to ...

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How to cooperate with a creative agency?

Do you want to cooperate with a creative agency? Before you do that, it is worth getting to know its offer and learn as much as possible about it. The company you choose should take into account your ...

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How to sell on Facebook and Instagram?

In this article, we discover the basic principles of marketing on Facebook and Instagram. We show you how to use the above social media to sell products and services. We pay attention to the impact ...

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Is it time to change the company’s image by rebranding and creating a new key visual?

Is it time to change the company’s image by rebranding and creating a new key visual? We look with admiration at brands that exist and have thrived for decades. They were, and they will probably be ...

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How to create a good website?

A website is a showcase of your company. Thanks to it, you advertise your services, arouse the interest of potential customers, and establish business relationships. So how should a good website look ...

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Post-pandemic Marketing: Rediscover Your Customer

Pandemic, regress, crisis, and what next? New normality is ahead of us. How to run a business in post-covid reality? We are starting a series of articles devoted to planning a marketing strategy in ...

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To organize an online conference and sell

We come back with the topic of business e‑meetings. Why? Because it’s an effective way to boost your sales. Today, for there to be conversion and leads, you have to reach for new tools… and, ...

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How to effectively acquire customers via Facebook?

A client comes to an advertising agency and asks: “can we target Facebook ads at competitors’ clients?” This introduction sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but the answer will be solemn. ...

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What is a creative agency?

Have you been thinking about developing a new product, service, or better long-term business potential? It’s time for your innovative product or service to be verified by the market! A creative ...

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What is user experience in the IT industry?

In the world of digital products — websites, stores, applications — there are fewer and fewer opportunities to stand out. Price, offers, promotions — are often not enough to attract and retain ...

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5 graphic designer’s tips on creating a key visual

To stand out, be noticed and remembered by customers. This is what every brand, manufacturer, service provider wants. And designers make this wish come true. How? Through key visual. Do you want to ...

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25wat Proud to be Named by Clutch as Top UX Designer in Poland

At 25wat, we help startups and scale-ups grow their brands with our human-centered design. Based in Poland, we have over 30 specialists who have proven expertise in marketing strategy, ...

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Digital marketing. Why do you need it in your company?

Three years ago, when asked if you need digital marketing to run a business, we would answer you this: “Try it. See for yourself that it’s worth it. ” Today, to the ...

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Why it is worth organizing online events

There are several reasons why you should consider hosting an online business event. We have collected them and present them below to show you that it is profitable to conduct online conferences, ...

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25wat shares the knowledge

The conference, discussion panel, industry meeting — each presentation is essential to us. Why? Because it is an opportunity to share knowledge and gain new experiences. It also allows us to look ...

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Everything about the STOP COVID ProteGo Safe app

Perhaps you have it on your phone or iPhone. You know its functions well but are curious who came up with it. If that’s the case, then this article is for you. You will learn how we’ve created ...

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Why does your company need strategic workshops?

You own a company so you want to develop it. You are planning to introduce a new product and you’re wondering how to do it right. Maybe the way you’ve been doing it so far — by following your ...

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25 facts for the 5th anniversary of 25wat

It’s been 5 years that we’ve been operating and creating. Our rocket is racing, the team is growing and the 25wat story is still being written. Where are we in this story? Who are we? Get to know ...

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Team Alpha at Internet Beta 2019 – subjective report by 25wat

Here is a summary of this year’s #InternetBeta conference, attended by our Alpha team — Joanna Gancarczyk, Piotr Bardadyn and Mateusz Romanów. Almost 100 speakers, 80 speeches and 3 days — ...

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Why do Middle Eastern interior designers have more hearts under their posts than those from Europe?

In most of the projects I get involved in from the point of view of strategy (communication, marketing, more and more often the very design of the service or business), I come across one common ...

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Don’t let yourself be surprised by the Wizards of Augmented Reality (AR)

Another act of revolution in communications is taking place in front of your eyes. 87% of us haven’t noticed it yet and that’s perfectly normal. Before television became a global medium, it was ...

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Lock the blogger in the fridge — 8 creative ideas for using Augmented Reality (AR) vol. 2

We come up with the best ideas while we are having fun. It is so pleasant that the process of creation using the latest AR+ technologies is a large dose of entertainment at work for us. Lightheaded, ...

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8 Creative Ideas for Augmented Reality (AR) Vol.1

Soon enough the mirage of Extended Reality will turn favelas into colourful housing estates. Would you take off your glasses to get back from paradise to reality? Will it be possible ...

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About rebranding: backstage of our new corporate identity!

? Our new corporate identity is an effect of a long brainstorming process. From a creative studio we evolved into digital agency with 30 people onboard. We needed to redefine #25wat.⚡️ Our DNA in ...

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