marketing strategy & communication strategy

“We implement complex strategic processes for brands. We provide a brand communication strategy based on an in-depth analysis of company behavior on the market, customer activities, and market trends. We execute a communication audit and a marketing audit. Our team analyzes the existing situation and generates strategic solutions. We will create a strategy for your company’s presence on the Internet. We are experts in advising, but also dissuasion — we will simply do everything to mark out your brand from the competition. We will run your communication on tailored channels to not burn the marketing budget. Based on the analysis, our Strategists create a strategic document that contains recommendations, including:
the tone of voice suggestions
reason to believe
the brand unique selling points
key messages
the big idea of communication
communication tools (tailored channels)
proposals of PR campaigns
propositions of event actions
communication contexts
sample key messages
communication templates and scenarios
moderation guidelines schedule of marketing activities 

The marketing strategy will allow you to use your competitive advantage. Thanks to it, you can be sure that every coin spent gives you measurable effects. Our work provides you to properly estimate the return on investment in marketing campaigns (ROI). We adapt every process to the client’s needs.” 

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