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Luke Lasek

Head of Product Design

Klaudia Widz

Senior Product Designer

Gracjan Majchrzak

Visual Designer

Simon Kucharski

Product Designer

Magdalena Dymecka

Product Designer

Weronika Śliwińska

Product Designer

Bartek Jankowski

Product Designer

Patryk Sowa

Motion Designer

Joanna Rybak

Visual Designer

Julia Wartacz

Product Designer

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Whatever you need, we build


We will help you research your market and survey any competing solutions, as well as help you plan the steps needed to fully realize your product.

Product Discovery

By studying the projections of the recipient’s potential issues, we can precisely plan a course for your project.

Product Vision

Everything starts with an idea. For years, 25wat has been helping teams across industries turn their visions into working products.

Business Analysis

We look more broadly when analyzing the business background of the solutions we design. This allows us to see the risks and opportunities that come with bringing a product to market.


We thoroughly plan each project on a roadmap so we can better describe our vision for product development.


Through this method, we learn about the strengths and weaknesses of competing solutions. We choose the right inspirations and decide what to avoid when designing.

Strategic Workshops

We conduct strategic workshops to determine the organization’s long-term goals and review their mission and vision.

Market Analysis

We turn data into actionable insights that drive business growth. We analyze the market to grow data into effective business strategies.

The key to a successful product lies in rigorously testing the hypotheses made during the design process. We evaluate solutions to ensure they align with both user requirements and business objectives. 

User Research

Research is key to ensure your product meets the needs of your customers. This stage allows us to tailor your functionality to your target audience.

User Engagement Definitions

We study user engagement and assess if your audience finds value in the services or product you provide.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Want to validate your idea first? Prototyping allows us to test your idea before implementing it into the final version of the application.

UX Architecture & Strategy

Information architecture is the backbone of the entire product. It is responsible for the organization and distribution of content on the site, the arrangement of functionality and the design of visual elements.

User Flows & User Maps

User Journey allows us to create a path for the user, in order to visualize how to best guide them through your site.

Conversion Optimisation

Through analysis and improvement, we can optimize UX to achieve the best possible conversion rate.

Peer Review & User Testing

We test before development to verify that the solutions we create are usable and understandable to the user, which removes the risk of costly code changes.

We create visually appealing interfaces for digital products to enhance user experience, boost engagement, and guarantee maximum enjoyment.

Visual style

A well-designed visual style aims to improve aesthetics and usability with appropriate images, typography, space, layout and color.

Design system

Creating a Design system allows us to properly store all project resources and automate changes, which saves time and maintains consistency.


With detailed hi-fi mockups, we can evaluate if the vision of the project is in line with the needs and objectives of a product before its launch.

UI Patterns

User interface design patterns are recurring solutions that solve the most common design problems.


Microinteractions are the sum of small details that make human contact with a digital product more natural and guide the user through the site in an intuitive way.

Illustrations & animations

We posess all the neccessary graphic design skills that allow us to create every illustration and animation a project requires.

Developer handoffs

Transferring all the resources and design files necessary for implementation is a crucial point in the products development process.

The success of your brand depends on the robustness of its strategy. By carefully crafting a distinct brand personality, you can accelerate the expansion of your business and draw in new customers.


Graphics are a core element of a visual identity and are crucial for brand awareness.

Logo Design

When designing a company’s main logo, we ensure that it reflects the values of the brand and is memorable to the audience.

Brand Strategy

A process in which we unlock your brand’s potential. We develop a product vision that aligns with your business goals and the needs of your customers.

Key Visual

It’s a visual leitmotif that frames the brand’s values, ensures its visual consistency, and makes it easier for the viewer to remember it.

Creative Strategy

Strategy is a key part of developing any creative advertising. We define and create effective campaigns that will increase your sales.

Besides building from scratch, we perform comprehensive audits of existing products. We use various methods and tools to provide a broad perspective on areas that can be improved, allowing us to propose appropriate solutions.

Metrics Analysis

Quantitative research allows for determining the scope, frequency, and intensity of a given occurrence. Further analysis serves as the basis for making rational design decisions.

Buyer personas analysis

Determining the profile of the ideal customer is a crucial element in constructing the strategy and business model for an online store.

E‑commerce Audits

Expert analysis of online stores allows for the identification of website weaknesses and leads to an improvement in conversion rates.

Performace & code reviews

We offer an expert service that provides in-depth analysis of your code and performance.

Increasing Conversion

A well-implemented UX helps to achieve the desired user behaviors – conversion – regardless if it is a purchase or some other expected action.

Web & mobile app


Booksalon is a powerful appointment booking and management tool designed for independent beauty businesses. We were happy to completely redesign Booksalons administrative views, as well as providing them with a completely new end-user app experience.

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System Management web & mobile app


PropUp is platform that enables the management of thousands of properties in North America. Adapting a custom kanban model to PropUp’s management has greatly simplified a previously tedious process for investors. In addition to system designs, we also provided PropUp with a series of demonstration prototypes and sales materials.

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Mobile & desktop website


Veloce is a Warsaw-based software house creating digital products for some of the biggest brands in Poland. With the new, detail-oriented layout for case studies, Veloce can better pitch their expertise and successes to future clients. We also created a modern website for Veloce, enhanced with a solid dose of motion design.

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Our design process


Understanding of the business
model and product strategy

Developing conception

(Ideation) clarification of vision
and product strategy


Architecture of information and
diagnosis of user needs


Creation of mock-ups presenting the appearance of the product


Specifying interactions and
behaviour of components


Provide all necessary information and guidance to developers

25wat delivered a product that exceeded the client’s expectations. The team was involved throughout the engagement and the communication and workflow were efficient. The dedication that the team showed resulted in creative results, which the partner found satisfying.


Mateusz Decyk
CEO at Eond

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Digital Branding

  • Brand and communication strategy
  • Creating Branding and Key visuals
  • Website optimisation
  • Performance marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Public relations


  • Applications (iOS, Android, WEB)
  • Front-end and back-end programming
  • Websites and e‑commerce
  • Audits & consulting
  • Website security Titans24

Content production

  • Films & foto production
  • Video podcasts and video courses
  • 2D & 3D animations (flat, motion)
  • Online events / streaming / webinars

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