performance marketing

Do you have a specific marketing goal that you want to achieve? Do you want to improve sales conversion online? Do you need support in advertising activities? Are you launching a new service or product? Regardless of the subject of the project, our team of designers and communication specialists will create a tailored campaign plan for your brand. We will advise you on how to estimate your marketing budget. We design and implement effective performance marketing activities in all platforms — we successfully deliver effects using the experience gained over 7 years. We will increase the visibility of your content on Social Media Communication. We will liven up your community and build new target groups thanks to targeted advertising on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. We will optimize campaigns so that the conversion generates your profit. We will take care of your high position in Google using SEO / SEM tools. We run comprehensive Google Ads and Google Adsense campaigns. You can entrust us with the handling of these projects from A to Z — from the production of materials, through creating comprehensive marketing strategies and coordinating promotional campaigns and their optimization using tools such as Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Sotrender, NapoleonCat etc.

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