consulting & business trainings

We run con­sul­ta­tions on cre­ative projects and advi­so­ry ses­sions on mar­ket­ing and sales. As an adver­tis­ing agency, we pro­vide rec­om­men­da­tions for busi­ness. We run employ­ee train­ing and cre­ative work­shops for sales and mar­ket­ing teams. We run cre­ative work­shops for sales and mar­ket­ing devel­op­ment, where togeth­er with the Clients we cre­ate con­cepts and devel­op cre­ative think­ing and design think­ing skills. Our lead­ers also con­sult and train in fields of Social media and Pub­lic Rela­tions includ­ing meth­ods for effec­tive con­tent mar­ket­ing, prin­ci­ples of run­ning Social Media chan­nels, secrets of mar­ket­ing per­for­mance: Face­book Ads, Google Ads, and adver­tis­ing ana­lyt­ics.