influencer marketing

We only have a few seconds to catch the user’s attention. The traditional marketing tools are being ousted from consumers’ awareness. We began to be immune and indifferent to standard communication, which is starting to be considered unreliable. New forms of content transmission allow users to pause or resume the viewed content at any moment. People recognizable on the Internet is known as Influencers — stars, and all kinds of specialists, hobbyists are people who are increasingly trusted. They become an authority, taking over the place of “Wise heads from television” and build identified communities. Influencer Marketing is based on a simple principle known for a long time — a recommendation from a trusted person who influences purchasing decisions. By reaching for this element in the communication strategy, we build trust and brand attachment. Our community team will prepare campaigns with Influencers. We will estimate the real range. We will select and recommend appropriate creators with whom we will establish cooperation and prepare a creative campaign concept based on the goals developed together with the client.

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