25 facts for the 5th anniversary of 25wat

It’s been 5 years that we’ve been operating and creating. Our rocket is racing, the team is growing and the 25wat story is still being written. Where are we in this story? Who are we? Get to know the facts that will tell you more about us than 1000 presentations!

So much has happened and so much is happening. But today is our birthday — today we celebrate and shed light on 25wat! Here are 25 facts about us *.

*Must-read by Gabi Czesak and Mateusz Romanów, founders of the 25wat creative digital agency.

Fundamental facts

  1. Agency naming — 25 wat — it couldn’t be different, could it? 😉 The brain, when working creatively, generates the energy of 25 watts. It takes this amount of energy to light a light bulb as well.
  2. Creativity is not only written in our naming and DNA. We are laureates of the 8th edition of the “50 Most Creative in Business” ranking by the Brief magazine. We were also awarded for the ARBUZZ mobile platform. Wanna know more about it? Read here or read on 😉😉 
  3. Our dream team currently consists of over 30 people. And it keeps getting bigger. In 2020 — despite the pandemic — we even recorded an increase in employment of 88%. 
  4. It also means that we have a total of over 250 years of experience today!
  5. Our motto is #ZEROBULLSHIT because we achieve goals — and we do not deceive. We advise — and when necessary, we advise against and suggest constructive solutions.

Facts that speak for themselves

  1. We’ve completed over 250 projects. We’ve already worked for over 50 different industries.
  2. Since 2018, We’ve been organizing FuckUp Nights in Wrocław. These are one-of-a-kind meetings on the border of business and marketing, where participants share stories about failures and stumbles. We have already hosted over 2,000 people. 
  3. We have a group of expert companies with whom we create perfect cooperation. Ikona, Tytani24, Eactive, Kolektyf – these are our parters. There is no project that we will not do with them. 
  4. We like to create our own products. One of them — to which we like to come back, although it is currently dormant — is a mobile platform ARBUZZ, designed for communication using augmented reality. ARBUZZ is a new dimension of entertainment, education, lifestyle, and above all, an unforgettable experience. 
  5. We are the co-creators of SafeSafe App — the first Polish mobile application to counteract the spread of COVID-19. We did it together with our partners, friends, and people of goodwill. Everything during its creation was unique and beautiful (apart from the fear of COVID-19): the atmosphere of social action and mission, the pace of work, professionalism. Based on our solution, (and in cooperation with the Ministry of Digitization), the STOP COVID ProteGo Safe application was then developed. 

Facts that we rarely talk about (which is a pity)

  1. Our Creative Director — Gabi Czesak is the world runner-up in creativity. She won the title with her team during the competition for creative problem solving “Odyssey of the Mind”, which had its world finals in the USA.
  2. We work and spread our wings under the watchful eye of a true trainer – Joanna Gawinek. Annually, Asia has over 70 talks (sessions) with us, which change everything. 
  3. Thanks to Asia we are encrypted (not to be confused with “fixated” 😉), that is we know our ways of acting and thinking. Sounds puzzling? FRIS is fris, but thanks to this we know that we have visionaries, competitors, researchers, and partners in the team
  4. Among us, there is a writer, actress, horse rider, influencer, would-be archaeologist, singers, florist, rapper, printer, lifeguard, science fiction film reviewer, cyclist, double bass player, boxer, ukulelist, podcast lover, animator, divemaster, philosopher, photographers, yogis, and former music manager. 
  5. Neither hobbies nor work prevents us from loving and having pets. If we came to the office with our furry friends, we would have a total of 10 dogs, 8 cats, 2 horses, 1 guinea pig, and 1 hedgehog. 

Real-life facts

  1. We have 51 plants in the office. We believe that plant companionship boosts creativity. 
  2. The way to work takes us from 5 seconds up to 1 hour 30 minutes. At home or in the office — we work as a hybrid because wherever we are, we can do amazing things. All you need is a laptop and wi-fi. 🙂 
  3. We speak 8 languages: Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Russian, and even the Silesian ethnolect! 
  4. We’ve reached over 2,100 hours of listening to music while working! We have a family passion for music 😊. Gabi and Mateusz, before they founded 25wat, were involved in promotion in the music industry — they organized One Love Sound Festival, Hip Hop Festival, Therapy Sessions and played at Przystanek Woodstock.
  5. We like good flow in the office, in the team, and projects. Therefore, our sales strategy acronym is H.A.P.P.Y. We focus on the joy and satisfaction of designing.

Facts that also say a lot about us

  1. Every year we eat about 250 pizzas (we have pizza day every Wednesday). This number is also constantly growing, although some of our team members work from home 😊
  2. Most of us are true coffee lovers (60%). The rest (40%) believe that tea is the only drink good for everything. (Maybe it would be good to establish barter cooperation with a coffee roaster?)
  3. We drink over 300 coffees a month. (Guess we should start barter cooperation with a coffee roaster.)
  4. We start each day in the office with the morning coffee brewing ritual prepared by our wonderful graphic designers Gracjan and Patryk. (We definitely need to establish barter cooperation with a coffee roaster!)
  5. We like to have fun, oh, we do 😊 Our favorite form of team-building meetings are — bonfire and grill 😉 

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