Google Ads – what is it, and why should you use it?

Your business doesn’t exist if it’s not listed in Google – there is quite a lot of truth in this statement. Especially if you invest time and money in a website or e‑shop and if you want to attract new customers using the Internet. However, an online business card alone is not enough. You will not be successful if you do not use the potential offered by advertising in Google Ads.

In this article Marcin Świątkowski, Google Ads Expert at 25wat, will explain what Google Ads is and why this tool is essential to achieving your business goals.

Why advertising in Google search engine?

Because Google has dominated the search engine market and has been the leader in it for many years. It is the Google browser that is invariably used by the most significant number of Internet users. The Google search engine takes over 97% of such users in Poland and nearly 92% in the world (data from July 2021 according to That is why presence in its search results is so crucial for your company.

In addition, apart from the search engine, Google offers advertisers its own advertising network – Google Display Network. The web is a collection of partner websites and web portals. Google has reserved placements on them, thanks to which images (banners) and text ads appear to users. GDN covers approximately 95% of the Polish Internet. This means that when you use the web, you have access to almost all native internet users. That is why – as well as all digital marketing – Google Ads is a handy tool for building the reach and image of your brand and a way to attract potential customers.

Advertising in Google Ads is an element of digital marketing

Advertising in Google Ads is an element of digital marketing

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Google – just being here is not enough

If you have taken care of SEO aspects and your company’s website or online store appears to have high positions in the Google search engine – you can gain users from organic search results. However, the attention of internet users and the effects of the so-called traffic to the site often does not meet business owners’ expectations. Traffic scale limitations result, among others, from the competition. Dozens, hundreds, or thousands of your competitors also want their company website to be included in the TOP 10 search results. Willing is much more than the first page of Google.

In addition, for years, Google has been systematically pushing down free search results, displacing them with paid ads as part of the advertising system Google Ads. Today, companies achieve the best results when they invest in advertising campaigns that use this system. 

In addition, advertising in Google Ads is an effective tool that effectively complements SEO activities. Thanks to it, you can get more space on the first page of Google search results. In practice – this influences an increase in the overall click-through rate and the number of leads completed on your company’s website or your online store.

Advertising in Google Ads is about access to data and results

Advertising in Google Ads is about access to data and results

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously used as Google AdWords) is an advertising system created by Google that is used to build and manage advertising campaigns. For over two decades, Google Ads campaigns have allowed companies to grow, acquire new customers, and achieve business goals. This system covers both the search engine and the GDN above advertising network, bringing together blogs and forums and the largest portals in Poland, such as Onet and WP. You can also reach YouTube and Gmail users through Google Ads.

How do Google Ads work, and where can I find the ads?

Google Ads ads appear in the Google search engine above, below, or next to the (organic) search results in the top right. These ads are displayed on the search results page after entering a phrase into a search engine.

What does it look like? For example, when you enter the phrase “refrigerators no frost shop”, advertisements of various stores offering refrigerators appear:

An example of how Google Ads works

An example of how Google Ads works

Which phrases an ad appears for in the search results depends on the advertiser who typed them. The advertiser also incurs costs for actual clicks, not the precise impressions without the ad interaction.

Therefore, how much you pay for user clicks on Google Ads is determined by several factors: starting from the actions of your competitors, the quality of the campaigns prepared, and the results they obtain, and ending with the specificity of the industry in which your company operates. Remember, however, that you can always set the maximum cost of clicking on an ad yourself.

You also do not have to worry that the competition may click on your company’s advertisements and charge you with costs without a lead effect. Google has developed special security tools in the Google Ads system to filter out invalid clicks. As a result, you get reimbursed costs resulting from invalid clicks in the form of an additional budget that you can use to get the correct clicks.

The main advantages of Google Ads

  • Your company will appear on the Internet almost as soon as you turn on the campaign. 
  • You gain enormous reach and customers with your advertising message through the Google search engine and the GDN and YouTube advertising network. 
  • You direct your ads to specific users, which translates into high effectiveness of campaigns that help in attracting new customers. You can target your ads to different people, including specific geographic locations, any languages, particular devices used by your ad audience, and even the age and gender of the audience. 
  • You adjust your bids and target your ads to precisely defined audiences on the market. For example, with Google Ads, you can show ads to people who: are in a relationship, have children, graduated from university, own apartments or houses, and are employed in the construction industry. 
  • You get an easy way to conduct remarketing activities and reach people visiting your company’s website. 
  • You create ad schedules. You adjust ad impressions and the cost of clicks to specific hours on a given day of the week. 
  • You have complete control over your budget. You can precisely define the amounts you want to use in the campaign. 
  • You use Google search engine algorithms and machine learning to improve campaign results automatically. It still does not always bring good results, but it is worth testing newer possibilities and mechanisms offered by Google to avoid missing opportunities to improve outcomes. 
  • You see the effects of the campaign. If someone clicks on your ad, you’ll know about it. If, after clicking the advertisement, the user performs an action that is valuable for your company, e.g. places an order on the website, downloads an application or places an order by phone – you will also find out about it. Thanks to the statistics, you can precisely determine the effectiveness of the campaign. Compare the costs of running it with the income obtained, determine the level of return on investment and create a precise image of the ideal recipient of the advertisement. 
  • You can link your Google Ads account with other properties, such as Google My Business or Google Analytics. 

To sum up: In the online advertising market, Google Ads campaigns are the most successful. If you entrust your campaign to good specialists, you can expect specific results and reimbursement of costs incurred.

Why not take advantage of the potential that lies behind advertising offered by Google? See what we can do for you. See our offer for performance marketing and contact us at: [email protected]

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