How to cooperate with a creative agency?

Do you want to cooperate with a creative agency? Before you do that, it is worth getting to know its offer and learn as much as possible about it. The company you choose should take into account your needs and ensure efficient communication. See also how we work with clients at 25wat and how we build relationships with them.

When is it worth starting cooperation with a creative agency?

We know from our own experience that companies that are just entering the market decide to cooperate with a creative agency. These companies expect you to create for them, for example, a key visual or branding. Of course, entities with extensive experience also benefit from the offer of a creative agency. Companies with an established position expect – for example – new, fresh advertising materials that will help promote another product or service. Moreover– for both – the agency is a partner who helps design advertisements, leaflets, and films and creates – when necessary – the entire communication and marketing strategy.
The task of a creative agency is – to put it simply – comprehensive support for companies in development.

What does a creative agency offer?

Once you know what a creative agency is, and you want to cooperate with it, it’s worth taking a look at its portfolio and offer. Why? Because the completed projects and the scope of the proposed services will tell you a lot about the agency’s possibilities.

For example, you have a company that already has its brand. Your main goal is to increase the number of customers. What can a creative agency suggest to you to achieve this?

  • Photo & video productions. A creative agency can prepare photo sessions, a video, or a series of short recordings for social media and content marketing. 
  • Packaging design. Specialists from the creative agency are experts in design trends and user tastes. They can develop a graphic design of packaging, thanks to which your products will stand out and attract consumers’ attention. 
  • Marketing. It includes, among others, content marketing, influencer marketing, or social media management. The agency can prepare effective forms of promotion, privileged communication, and advertising channels and analyze recipients’ behavior. As a result, your brand will reach the right group of customers. 

Necessary: Creative agency services should not be just about conceptual work. It is also to play an advisory role. At 25wat, we strive for it and always recommend what to do and what not to do. Our specialists are experts in their fields — they advise and, if necessary, advise against and suggest constructive solutions.

Creative agency employees discuss the client's goals

Creative agency employees discuss the client’s goals

How is the cooperation with the 25wat creative agency going?

Creating branding, designing a logo, preparing an online conference – all creative activities require getting to know the client well. At 25wat, we make sure that we define what you expect from us at the beginning of each project. We focus strongly on getting to know your business goals.
So what does it look like to cooperate with us? Two stages can be distinguished. 

1. We get to know each other through strategic workshops

We start with getting to know your business strategy, materials, and customers. We are interested in what services or products you offer, what and where you sell. We want to know as much as possible about your company. That is why you receive a proposal to conduct strategic workshops or a request to supplement the brief.

Why is it so essential to meet and get to know each other?

Strategic workshops are a good starting point for cooperation with a creative agency. We do not organize them only for our employees who collect information in this way. People from your company also participate. Thanks to the methods we use during workshops, they often have a chance to look at products or offer from a different perspective. This stage also allows them to assess how deep the changes need to be made. The result of this part of the cooperation is usually a decision to develop a new brand communication strategy.

Strategic workshops allow us to take the right direction and plan optimal solutions. They also reduce the risk of future misunderstandings.

2.Creative agency work -– what you receive

Perhaps you think that cooperation with a creative agency always ends with completing a task or delivering a specific project? Sometimes it is so, but it is not the only model of cooperation. We also work based on subscription contracts. They have – like other performance-based contracts of a service – set goals, scopes, conditions, but otherwise, you receive from us:

  • Internal ambassadors. One of them is a project manager who contacts you and makes sure that communication runs smoothly. Everything – graphics, content, ideas, slogans –- is consistent and in line with the strategy. The project manager is your voice in our team. Together with the creative director and strategist, he takes care of the quality of the created materials. 
  • Reports which we prepare monthly. Their advantage is a clear and accessible form. We report clearly, so you know what has been done, what the effects are, and what we have done additionally. We always explain how to read the reports. 
  • Additional strategic workshops. With longer cooperation – as part of the subscription – we organize workshops again. This allows us to see what has changed and what else can be done. We meet, summarize and, if necessary, verify assumptions. 
  • Creative agency employees work on an action strategy for the client

    Creative agency employees work on an action strategy for the client

    Cooperation with a creative agency in the “subscription model” is long-term but also brings the best results.

    Are you interested in working with a creative agency? We are happy to get to know your business better! Check out 25wat case studies and contact Grzegorz Zięba (Head of business): [email protected]

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