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The conference, discussion panel, industry meeting — each presentation is essential to us. Why? Because it is an opportunity to share knowledge and gain new experiences. It also allows us to look at what we are doing from a slightly different perspective. The events we’ve recently performed include the 10th edition of Mobile Trends Conference and Design Inspire, where Mateusz Romanów, co-founder & CEO of the creative digital agency 25wat, represented us. 

During both of these events, Mateusz Romanów analyzed creating the STOP COVID ProteGO Safe mobile application process. During each of them, he discussed other aspects of the work on the application in more detail. He also pointed out that this is a solution that is worth following from various perspectives — technological, design, but also social.

How did the STOP COVID get so popular? Mateusz is a co-creator, initiator, and coordinator of work on its first version — SafeSafe App. He also managed teams that worked on its subsequent versions and created the current one.

Informacje o aplikacji mobilnej SafeSafe App w polskich mediach

Information about the SafeSafe App in the Polish media

At Mobile Trends Conference – the largest cyclical conference in Poland devoted to the mobile industry — Mateusz told the story of creating the official Polish application to counteract the spread of COVID-19. He analyzed how the crisis circumstances mobilized people to act and became the impetus for prototyping an innovative solution.

  • He showed the beginnings and the first versions of the current STOP COVID ProteGO Safe application — i.e., the SafeSafe App. 
  • He talked about a social phenomenon — a grassroots initiative that helped to create the application.
  • He discussed the process of setting a design goal.
  • He presented the application’s development — operation based on OpenTrace, then expansion with technological innovations: the Exposure Notification protocol and the Bluetooth module.
  • He also coined a new term for express application design in new conditions marked by uncertainty — “war development.” (If you hear them somewhere, someday, you’ll already know where it came from.)
Mateusz Romanów na Mobile Trends Conference w domowym studio

Mateusz Romanów at Mobile Trends Conference in a home studio

In turn, during the Design Inspire – event for the creative industry – he focused on User Experience (UX). Using the example of creating a mobile application, SafeSafe App showed the agile prototype’s operation, a flexible approach to the process, which was based on the rapid creation of a prototype and testing it. From the designer’s perspective, he told how important it is to think “against the flow” when designing and what the way of thinking influenced the development of this application.

„Conversations with epidemiologists and pharmacists. They set my design mindset”. 

Due to the pandemic, events were held online. The Mobile Trends Conference — entirely online, while the Design Inspire meeting — organized in the Wrocław Culture Zone — was broadcast live, in an Internet broadcast.

Mobile Trends Conference – the largest cyclical conference in Poland devoted to new technologies, application design, design, UX, UI, trends, and marketing in the mobile industry. It has been taking place continuously since 2012. Its unquestionable advantage is many examples, case studies, and identifying trends in designing mobile applications, UX applications, and other mobile solutions. Check out more: https://2021.mobiletrends.pl/

Design Inspire – inspiring events for designers, creators, and people associated with the creative industry, organized in Wrocław, in the Wrocław Culture Zone. Its primary assumption is the exchange of experiences and mutual inspiration of creative environments. The event is cyclical. The meetings’ topics concern designers’ challenges today, i.e., using new technologies in visual communication, designing with people, and the natural environment in mind. Check out more: https://www.designinspire.pl/

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