About rebranding: backstage of our new corporate identity!

? Our new corporate identity is an effect of a long brainstorming process. From a creative studio we evolved into digital agency with 30 people onboard. We needed to redefine #25wat.⚡️ Our DNA in from now on reflected in the new brandbook ?

? The matrix has been with us since the beginning of 25wat. It’s a symbol of the tools that we have and the competences we gain. What’s most important — It reflects the impulse of energy that the human brain produces in the creative process (exactly 25 watts!)

? In the new logo we placed matrix on the 5x5 grid and combined it with a new element that we call Flubber! It’s formless, unlimited and represents the creative element of our DNA ? Thinking outside the box and creativity always was and is the core of 25wat.

See how we do this:



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