Digital marketing. Why do you need it in your company?

Three years ago, when asked if you need digital marketing to run a business, we would answer you this: “Try it. See for yourself that it’s worth it. ” Today, to the same question, we answer: “Don’t wait. Digital marketing is now an absolute must-have for every company ”. It not only pays off. It is a necessity in the new market realities.

The digital revolution has been going on for years. Under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic, it has accelerated significantly. We do more things online — we train, meet, and, most of all, buy online. We spend more time online dictated partly by necessity and partly by convenience and new habits. At 25 watts, we see how COVID-19 has forced companies to digitize and remodel their sales and communication strategies.
That is why every company that wants to reach customers effectively today and in the future must find its way to them via the Internet and actively and creatively use digital marketing solutions.

Digital marketing to działania marketingowe w internecie

Digital marketing is marketing activities on the Internet

Why does a company need digital marketing?

Online business isn’t just important in a pandemic. It provides benefits that are always valuable to the company.

  1. You reach potential customers, advertise your offer, and build visibility.
  2. You have the option to adjust the message of the target group (due to location, interests, work, and even earnings).
  3. You show services.
  4. You create an image and increase recognition.
  5. You interact with your audience.
  6. You can measure the effectiveness of your actions.
  7. You can increase the number of leads and optimize your operating costs more efficiently based on hard data!

What is digital marketing?

It’s marketing in the online world. It is also called internet marketing because it uses the internet to acquire customers, advertise and sell products. It has an extensive scope, reaching for various forms and tools. It is made up of other, smaller “marketers” that thrive on the web and digital technologies.

What are its essential elements?

  • SEO and SEM

Do you want your brand to be visible on the web? To show up in Google search? You need to use SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEM is a set of activities that have an impact on the company’s visibility on the Internet. It makes the products and services of a given brand appear (show) on the list generated by the search engine. SEO is an integral part of SEM. These are keywords and the right strategies, thanks to which you get a good position on the search engine lists. These are activities aimed at winning over Google’s algorithms and being visible on the Internet.

  • Google Ads, Google AdSense

Google’s highly effective advertising systems make the ads reach interested people. The selection of recipients has based on the analysis of data that Internet users leave in the network. Effect? Google precisely matches advertising content to potential customers. And thanks to this, certain ads: display, text, video go exactly where they can generate interest.

  • Social media (social media marketing)

The most popular are undoubted: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tik-Tok. Here, current and future customers spend more and more time every year. They check information about companies, services, and products. They seek feedback and communicate with brands. You do not have to be present everywhere, but one social profile makes the company more credible in customers’ eyes. The essential element of social media activities is exciting and engaging posts in the form of reports, videos, gifs, messages, or comments. What is necessary is not only the creation of graphic and text content but also account moderation — fast communication with recipients.

  • Performance marketing

It is an advertisement on the Internet, which brings the intended effects (its recipient is to leave a contact, ask for an offer, enter the store, etc.). If it doesn’t, the advertiser doesn’t pay for it. Hence, this type of digital marketing is also efficient. Popular activities in the field of performance are advertising campaigns such as: “traffic to the site,” on Messenger, on the lead form (to obtain contact to the customer). It is worth implementing them using a company profile, e.g., on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Influencer and affiliate marketing

Both formulas make it possible to reach a selected group of recipients with advertising and promotion. They base on a simple, well-known principle of recommendations made by a trusted or popular person. In the first case, it is an influencer with fans on social media. They are the recipients of his messages and, at the same time, potential customers of the promoted brand. The influencer tries out products or services and shows its publicity how to use them. In the case of affiliate marketing, it is similar, but with the difference that the affiliate does not demonstrate the usefulness of the product or service but places promotional materials prepared by the company on its blog or social profile (banners, HTML codes).

  • Content marketing

It is based on creating valuable content that is interesting for your audience and encourages them to buy. Content is not only content in the form of texts (entries on a company blog, guides, product descriptions, interviews) and audio and video materials — podcasts, webinars, movies.

  • E‑mail marketing

It is a way to disseminate content marketing, but most of all, reach the recipient directly and effectively. It plays a sales and image role. It is a carrier of promotions and advertisements and a tool that allows you to maintain contact with the client and build relationships with him (e.g., with the help of newsletters).

Digital marketing for companies is a topic that you talk to everyone about in creative digital agency 😊

Are you interested in details or selected strategies? Contact Joanna Gancarczyk, Communication & Marketing Manager at 25wat, e‑mail: [email protected].

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