What is a creative agency?

Have you been thinking about developing a new product, service, or better long-term business potential? It’s time for your innovative product or service to be verified by the market! A creative agency will best help you materialize your plans. Check what precisely creative agency is and how it will support your first steps in business.

Creative agency employees enjoying the effect of the work of the graphic designers’ team

Creative agency employees enjoying the effect of the work of the graphic designers’ team

Creative agency — what is it?

Are you wondering what a creative agency is? Its main task is to create advertisements for online (digital marketing) and offline (ATL, press, outdoor, radio, TV) carriers. This, however, does not fully exhaust the definition. It may be necessary to design a logotype or printed materials, create the naming, and develop key visuals to advertise a brand, product, or service. At this stage, unconventional thinking and the ability to go beyond the box bring the best results. The created message must reach the recipient and convince them of the offer or the company in general. Depending on the target group, this can be done in different ways, e.g., by intriguing or encouraging.
Creative agencies comprehensively support their clients by using the competencies and experience of communication designers. Activities in the form of services covering all aspects of marketing are referred to as 360 ° marketing.

What does a creative agency do?

The answer to the question: what is a creative agency indicates the area of ​​its activity. However, as a potential client, you may ask yourself a different question: what does a creative agency do, and how will their work transform your business idea into a tangible result?

The offer of a creative agency may be as follows:

  • Branding. By commissioning the preparation of corporate identity experts, you will receive a visual code (formalized as a brand book) that your brand will use to communicate with the environment. In turn, the result of photo & video production will be materials that can be used for corporate PR or performance campaigns. 
  • Web design. The creative agency will ensure that your business is visible on the web, using both customized and standard solutions. A website or e‑commerce website, designed in line with the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) trends, will translate into a satisfactory conversion. 
  • Marketing. Image creation, building relationships with consumers in social media, cooperation with influencers, Google Ads campaigns, or creating helpful content for recipients are part of the marketing activities. Specialists will select keywords and make sure that the content reaches the target group. 

What else can a creative agency do? Suppose you are planning to build an in-house marketing and sales department. In that case, it can arrange strategic workshops, for your employees, using design thinking tools and helping team members prepare even better for marketing challenges.

What does working in an advertising agency look like?

When you familiarize yourself with the extensive offers of creative agencies, you can wonder what work in such an agency looks like. When you apply to the agency with your concept, you can count on specialists from various fields — branding or web design — working on its promotion. Close cooperation of all agency departments is necessary for the result of a coherent and engaging consumer (e.g., through storytelling) communication strategy.

How — to put it simply — does work in an advertising agency look like? Research is the key. It is based on the information obtained thanks to it. Work on the creation begins, and the insight is adjusted to the brand. The final result of the creative team’s work is presented to the client, and when accepted by him, it is put into implementation.

Working in an advertising agency - developing an action strategy

Working in an advertising agency — developing an action strategy

The most exciting activities of the 25wat creative agency

How do you know that a creative approach distinguishes a creative agency, creates effective communication strategies, and applies best practices (e.g., Human-centered design)? A rich portfolio is not everything. Creativity can also be manifested in the implementation of your own projects that break through conventional thinking. An example is 25wat, creative agency which:

Organises Wrocław FuckUp Nights

Instead of successes and praise, participants tell stories of failures and stumbles from which lessons can be learned. Since 2018, the 25wat agency has been organizing FuckUp Nights in Wrocław. This is an event where specialists from the broadly understood business and marketing share a less known part of their work.

Participates in Web Summit

The Web Summit, which takes place in Lisbon every year, is considered one of the world’s largest technology conferences. The scale of the event is best evidenced by the numbers — in 2019, participants came from over 160 countries, and over 1,200 inspiring speakers appeared on the stages.

It belongs to the ITCorner technology cluster and the BNI business association

ITCorner is a cluster of technology companies from Poland — it brings together over 100 technology companies that exchange knowledge and experiences. In turn, BNI includes entrepreneurs who apply ethical standards and provide high-quality services.

These are just some examples of how a creative agency can share its knowledge, educate and build an expert image. Remember that an unconventional approach to creating a business is a chance to create a truly unique one. Take a look at our Case Studies and see what we can do for you!

Do you want to know even more? Contact Joanna Gancarczyk, Communication & Marketing Manager, at [email protected] or by phone +48 796 900 073.

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