How to create a good website?

A website is a showcase of your company. Thanks to it, you advertise your services, arouse the interest of potential customers, and establish business relationships. So how should a good website look like? Why is the way the customer perceives it so important?

What characterizes a good website?

A good website is, first of all, adequately optimized and readable on mobile devices and designed so that everyone can quickly and easily find interesting information on it. It is also in line with the brand’s key visual and marketing communication strategy . Therefore, you should pay attention to its style, colors, and other details as early as at the design stage.

What else proves that your website is good? That it meets market standards, that it has been created following UX principles, and that it has been properly prepared from the technological point of view.

Remember that a website is an investment. The technology in which it has been created should enable its development and modification over the next years.

Why is it worth having your business card on the web?

Your website content offers great image and advertising opportunities. It is an ideal place for a complete and coherent presentation of corporate identity. On the website, you will show your employees and tell your audience about the values ​​of your company. In this way, you will take care of a positive image of the brand and present your business well to potential customers.

A good website is a business card

A good website is a business card

The website is also a virtual catalog of products and services. It is a source of information, and at the same time, it supports selling . It is good if nowadays – in the age of COVID-19 threat and repeated lockdowns – it has an online store and the option of making online payments. Such solutions make it possible to run a business even in situations of increased social distancing. In addition, as it is clear from the Shoper report (online shopping platform) – in times of a pandemic, we shop more willingly and more often in online stores (1). With the help of websites and mobile applications, we also deal with offices, banks, and clinics because it is not only safer and faster but also more convenient.
Remember that the cost of a website depends heavily on, for example, the number of tabs,functionalities, and purpose of the site. Therefore, it is always worth asking for an early-stage valuation of your idea.

How to make a good website? Take care of the basics.

1. The basis of website design is UX (User Experience).

A company website is a multifunctional tool. Therefore, before developing, it is worth defining what it should serve. Who will be the recipient? Will the site be for children or adults? Will it be targeted at older people who are digitally excluded? Maybe the website is to be general and available to a broad and diverse group of recipients? What a website should ultimately be like depends primarily on the recipient. You adjust communication, graphic content, and texts to his expectations and skills. Also, remember that the website should be accessible and friendly to disabled users. Standards and guidelines in this regard can be found in the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) document collection.

2. The structure and responsiveness of the website are important.

Good websites can be recognized by their architecture, i.e. by the content layout. At 25wat, we work iteratively. We start with a wireframe project, such as a rudimentary content layout. We make graphics, polish details, and set “breakpoints” – we make sure that the website complies with the RWD (Responsive Web Design) assumptions. In other words, whether it automatically adjusts complies with the requirements of mobile devices and is correctly displayed on the screens of smartphones and tablets.
It’s an idea web development cannot exist without. A modern website is available, functional, and intuitive to use on a desktop computer and on other devices used to browse the Internet.

What should a good website be like? Responsive!

What should a good website be like? Responsive!

After accepting the project, we hand it over to developers (web coding specialists) who create the so-called frontend and backend – they transform the content and graphics into codes, program the functionalities and logic of the website, and attach appropriate systems, such as the CMS WordPress engine and payments.

3. Don’t forget about the unique website content. 

An important step when creating a website is professional copywriting and content optimization for SEO . Unique and valuable content keeps users on the website and convinces them of the company and services it offers.. While keywords,phrases and appropriate optimization for search engines make customers find it.

4. Testing is a key step in website development. 

Testing helps to polish the effect in terms of visual, functional, and performance – the latter one is, above all, in terms of page loading speed. A good website should work quickly and efficiently, so at 25wat, when it’s almost ready, we conduct internal QA (Quality Assurance) sessions. This means that we test the site by creating test scenarios and verifying compliance with the proposed UI project. A QA session usually takes 20% of the time spent on the entire creation of a website.
However, setting up a website is not the end of work. You should constantly take care of website maintenance and continuous development. For this reason, at 25wat, we work in the agile methodology (agile management and programming) and use so-called continuous improvement processes, in this case continuous improvement of the websites we design. In a way, the website resembles the human body, which over time and dynamically changing environmental conditions, needs appropriate care and support for further development.
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(1), Handel vs koronawirus: Jak sprzedaż przeniosła się do internetu [RAPORT], [dostęp: 28.06.2021]

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