Lock the blogger in the fridge — 8 creative ideas for using Augmented Reality (AR) vol. 2

We come up with the best ideas while we are having fun.

It is so pleasant that the process of creation using the latest AR+ technologies is a large dose of entertainment at work for us. Lightheaded, full of optimism and ideas — that’s how everyone should (and can!) work, because the creative process is a pleasure. We invite you to join us in this creation.

Through technology we strive to intensify forms of cooperation and communication with the user. In fact, we do not wish our customers to be perceived as users who need to be “figured out” and reduced to average value. On the contrary, we want to support individualism, so that all of those who wish to do so can enjoy with us the possibility of creating a common reality in the process of “participatory design”. The Augmented Reality is one of the tools that provides such a possibility. We believe that the division into producers who create needs based on averaged market data and passive consumers is an outdated model resulting from the lack of active cooperation in the field of creation. We want to be inspired, we want to blur the boundaries between the creator and the consumer, and we want to break away from the 20th-century scheme of unipolar trend-setting imposed by the mass media.

Lock the blogger in the fridge

Food manufacturers are trying to get the most out of their packaging. Words written in small font become the background for the graphic layout of packaging. We are already used to it; nobody pays attention to its content — and especially to the rarely visited Internet address on the packaging with advice and recipes which maybe even refers to a film… Perhaps a few culinary freaks will get to this information, and yet it could be useful to others.

On the other hand, there are culinary bloggers — inspiring and recommending how to cook well, healthily and tastily. The thing is that the preparation of what they propose requires special preparation: you have to go shopping and have the right products and time. What if you put the blogger into the fridge? Let him or her? look at what’s in there, and on the basis of the ingredients he or she finds,  you are informed what kind of meal you can make? And at a certain time and with the right calorific value. Food and cooking bloggers rarely prepare dishes made from ingredients that we have at hand or that we would simply like to use to avoid wasting food.

Augmented Reality gives you the opportunity to properly combine two things: information about what you want to prepare a dish from and the presentation of the right recipe. Imagine using a smartphone to look at the packaging or the product you would like to use to prepare the dish. You choose a cook and then the recipe. You verify the list of products, nutritional value, calories, etc., and then watch a video on how to prepare a given dish or dessert.

If everything worked out (and tasted good), the recipe can be added to your favourites, and further suggestions will meet your taste preferences more accurately. Sponsored bloggers can create and promote recipes based on specific ingredients that are left in the fridge or on specific products on the shelves. Share your concept of what something should look like and how it should function. Now YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Do you want to change the world? You can watch others do it or start doing it yourself.

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