Team Alpha at Internet Beta 2019 – subjective report by 25wat

Here is a summary of this year’s #InternetBeta conference, attended by our Alpha team — Joanna Gancarczyk, Piotr Bardadyn and Mateusz Romanów. Almost 100 speakers, 80 speeches and 3 days — these are just a few numbers that show the scale of the project, but (from our perspective) do not reveal much about what Beta Internet is — we left the conference richer with a tonne of thoughts and a handful of business cards boding many interesting collaborations. Here are some of the key thoughts that emerged after our return to Wrocław?


1. Wrocław took over Kielnarowa ?

It was the first time that we were as a delegation of 25wat and Titans24 at Beta Internet. From the very beginning, we noticed a large representation from our hometown, . It’s amazing that it was near Rzeszow that we made a lot of friends with people form Wroclaw. We built a good rapport with Webini. We high fived with Hexe Capital. We talked with XR+, who turned out to be our neighbours. We drank coffee with Content Solutions and discussed lectures with Rocket Media. And that’s just the top of the list. We feel that Wrocław needs an opportunity to network and we try to provide a substitute for it through our Fuckup Nights meetings in Wrocław?

2. Workshops are a hot topic!

Our Alpha delegation had several missions to complete. One of them was to stimulate the participants with a good speech! This task was conducted by Joanna Gancarczyk. During her presentation, “The Workshop, as A Must-Have of A Successful Strategy”, Joanna showed the backstage of our strategic processes, using the example of its component, i.e. creative workshops. Seeing how much the topic of design thinking was the integral part of this edition of Beta, we decided to prepare a podcast with our presentation and make it available to the public. The results will be known soon, so it is worth adding ?25wat on Linkedln! to your observed websites. Judging by the amount of positive feedback, we can see that creative workshops arouse interest and we will share this knowledge further. So stay tuned & follow us!



3. You #Beta know it, or what we have learned ?

During these 3 days we participated in many lectures. Each of us experienced Beta differently. However, we managed to collect in a nutshell what we left with:

  • 1. Katarzyna Sowicka from Content Solutions showed how not to waste your budget by creating Content Marketing Zero Waste
  • 2. Maciej Budzich indicated the directions in which the patostreaming #scary trend may develop
  • 3. Maciej Pawłowski reaffirmed us in the view that a FRISed team is an effective team
  • 4. Roman Łoziński proved that it is possible to make mistakes in a corporate world and to draw conclusions
  • 5. Natalia Pawlik and her team demonstrated at workshops how to create storytelling regarding innovations
  • 6. Łukasz Głombicki brilliantly showed how to build organic ranges in SoMe and why algorithms love memes with Aleksander Kwasniewski
  • 7. Matt Kurleto talked about how to manage a scalable business and not go crazy
  • 8. Andrzej Gruszka pointed to the new trend of Inbound PR, which is worth taking interest in
  • 9. Mariusz Pełchaty presented examples of processes in which a chatbot will effectively relieve the burden on the Customer Service Centre
  • 10. Filip Werstler showed how to use numbers and data in storytelling
  • 11. Bartosz Majewski used the example of Casbeg to show how to scale up business quickly


4. And the winner is Titans24 ?

We are coming back from Beta with the (Titanic) shield literally and figuratively . Titans24 were appreciated by the community and received the Audience Award. We are grateful for every vote, every word of feedback and the opportunity to present this solution. We are proud to see that the first public presentation of the CyberGalaxy Guardians brought us this distinction. Our joy is all the bigger due to the fact that the Jury Award went to Specfile, who are also involved in cyber security. From this place we send them our warm regards and a remote high five! This award means that talking about security in the digital world is important and necessary.

Are we going next year? Of course we are! Best regards to everyone we had the pleasure to meet and thank you for the wonderful time. We hope we see you sooner than at the next Internet Beta Conference.

P.S. Big thanks also to Łukasz Bis for the invitation, his trust and the organization of such a phenomenal experience. #ThunderousApplause.

The photos used in the material come from FB Internet Beta and were taken by Piotr Kordyś.

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